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To arrange for a program contact the Outreach Coordinator (see address below), who will notify the presenter.

The American Fern Society acts only in the capacity of maintaining the presenter’s list as a public service and bears no other responsibility.

Speaker’s name and address

Type of activity / Season/ Location of activity


Ralph C. Archer


Shelbyville, KY


Demonstration in spring or fall.

Garden tour, spring to fall, of fern stumperie and woodland garden.   Louisville, KY

Fern propagation.

Shade gardens and growing hardy ferns.

Planting a stumperie

Sharon Banister

Texas A&M University,


College Station, TX


Hands on work shop, demonstration or illustrated talk.


Will travel, not during winter

Growing ferns fom spores.   Also on plant propagation, tissue culture, and landscaping.


Will tailor activities for children.

Wendy A. Born


Sebastopol, CA




Illustrated talk

Spore propagation of ferns


Identification of California Native Ferns

Bill Coblentz


Sarasota, FL


Fern Growing


Staghorn Ferns

Patricia Cox

University of Tennessee’

Knoxville, TN


Talk, all year.

Foray in June to October.

Great Smoky National Park, TN or will travel

Fern Flora of the Great Smoky National Park.


Mary Elliott


Ponchatoula, LA


Demonstration talk

Southeast Fern growing and use of native plants.


Dr. Joan Gottlieb


Pittsburgh, PA



Garden tour,spring to fall.

Foray spring to fall.


Western PA advance notice req'd

Private fern garden tour of   over 180 taxa; "Temperate Ferns for all Seasons," "Ferns of the Ecuadoran Andes", "Ferns of Costa Rica", "Ferns of New Zealand", "Ferns of China" .

Prof. Warren D. Hauk

Dept. of Biology, Denison University


Granville, OH


Late spring and summer


Central OH

Liverworts, moonworts, rattlesnake ferns, unusual ferns of Hocking Hills area, Blackhand Gorge, Central Ohio

Michael Heim


Hayward, WI 54843



Garden   & woodland tour anytime, but August to September best

(USDA hardiness   Zone 3)

Northern WI

Ferns for the north woodlands.   The garden has over 123 fern and fern ally species and forms, both natives and exotics.

James R. Horrocks


Salt Lake City, Utah


Talk, slide presentation; demonstration.


Will travel (limited)

Temperate ferns in semi-arid climate; spore growing; ferns for Master Gardener program; general cultivation.

Chad Husby


Florida International University


Miami, FL

Illustrated talk

Digital projector, laptop




Searching for the giant horsetail, Equisetum giganteum , in South America

Growing ferns, lycopods and horsetails in inorganic media

Daniel D. Jones


Birmingham Alabama


Illustrated talk



Native and non-native ferns for Southeastern gardens

Birmingham Botanical Garden Fern Glade (May to September)

Judith Jones

Fancy Fronds

Gold Bar, WA

Illustrated talk

Temperate Ferns or Xeric Ferns with the talk tailored to the audience. Inquire

Garrie Landry

Univ. Louisiana Lafayette


Lafayette, LA


Illustrated talks




Fern forays

Subjects: Ferns of SE US, hort. interests: Pyrrosia, Staghorns, Selaginella, Lycopodium; & native fern gardening.

Louisiana; Trinidad; Oaxaca, Mexico

Timothy J. McNitt


Bellingham, WA


Fern forays

Pacific Northwest (southern BC, WA, OR, northern CA).


Can suggest locations

Dr. James Montgomery


Berwick, PA

Foray, June to October


Central and Eastern PA

Ferns and fern allies of central or eastern Pennsylvania

Dr. Robbin Moran

The New York Botanical Garden


Bronx, NY

Illustrated Talk

Will travel

Req'd: Digital projector, pointer, and screen

Ferns and People


Other talks: inquire

Sue Olsen


Bellevue, WA

Illustrated Talk


Garden tour

Hardy Ferns


May - September

David Schwartz


Bakersfield, CA


Illustrated talk

Xeric Ferns in the Garden


Companion Plants to the Xeric Fern Garden

Christine (Chris) Spindel


Memphis, TN


Introduction to Ferns


Growing Ferns from Spores

Tom Stuart

Croton Falls, NY

Illustrated Talk

Digital projector req'd

Rock Garden Ferns


Pyrrosia, the Felt Ferns

Michael Sundue

The New York Botanical Garden

Bronx, NY 10458

Illustrated Talk

Digital projector req'd

Ferns of Parque Nacional Amboro, Bolivia

Reggie Whitehead

South Miami, Florida

Illustrated Talk

Ferns around the World:    Introduction to Tropical Ferns

Don Woods

Whittier, CA


Season and travel negotiable.

Staghorn Ferns (Platycerium)

Dan Yansura


Pacifica, CA

Illustrated Talk

California, Colorado, Michigan are convenient

Cultivating Tree Ferns

Speakers, garden tour or foray leaders knowledgeable on ferns or associated topics desiring to be listed may obtain a form from Tom Stuart, the Outreach Coordinator, at PO Box 517, Croton Falls, NY 10519,