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Downloadable Dictionary Files For Pteridophyte Terms And Genera

To make spell checking of taxonomic pteridological writing easier, five dictionary files are available for downloading as an adjunct to the publication "A Modern Multilingual Glossary for Pteridophyte Taxonomy" (Pteridologia 3). The accepted terms, synonyms, alternate forms (substantives, adjectives), and some plurals have been placed in a text file for each of the Glossary's languages, English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. (The definitions themselves are not included.) A fifth file consists of accepted generic names and synonyms for the Pteridophyta. The files do not distinguish between accepted terms or names and synonyms; they are intended to prevent errors in spelling, not terminology or taxonomy.

You may download some or all of the five files and convert them into "custom dictionaries" to use with your word processor. Follow the instructions with your word processor to do this. The files are in text only (.txt) format, one word or term to a line and one line to a paragraph. Be sure to set your word processor to use all the dictionaries so that the spell checker will use the custom dictionaries, as well as the default dictionary that came with the word processor.

To download open the file you want and use your browser save function to save the file to your computer, or download all five files as a zip file.