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Growing Psilotum

Psilotum Nudum Grown in Axenic culture

By Dean Whittier edited for the internent by Bubba Baxter

Growing Technique #1

The spores should be as fresh as possible and surface sterilized with 20% Clorox. The surface-sterilized spores should be sown on 15ml of nutrient medium in culture tubes having a diameter of 20mm and screw caps which are tightened to reduce moisture loss. They should be kept in normal light conditions for 6 months. The cultures should then be moved to total darkness for 6-12 months. This should result in a high percentage of germination.

Nutrient Medium; The nutrient medium contained a modified Knudson's solution. A liter of medium contained 250mg NH4Cl ; 250mg Na2SO4; 125mg MgSO4; 7H2O; 235 mg CaCl2and 125 mg K2HPO4 plus FeEDTA and minor elements. The medium was solidified with 0.7% agar and contained 0.5% sucrose. The medium was adjusted to pH 6.1 prior to autoclaving.

Growing Technique #2

Some people have had luck by mixing the spores into the soil of a potted Hoya or Diffenbachia or other large house plant theat will not be repotted for several years. If everything is right gametophytes occasionally develop after 2-3 years.